We handle your insurance claim so you don’t have to.

We execute – you get paid!

We‘re here to fight for your best interests, not the insurance company’s.

    We handle your insurance claim so you don’t have to.

    We execute – you get paid!

    We‘re here to fight for your best interests, not the insurance company’s.

    Need help with property damage and loss claims?

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    Water Damage

    One of the things that makes pipe or roof leaks so frustrating is that they damage your property and force you to deal with the repairs. Something that comes up in these situations is the question of filing a water damage claim and getting coverage for the damages. But no need to stress about that – we’re here to help!

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    Flood Damage

    Your property getting damaged by flood has got to be one of life’s most stressful challenges. Recovering your property and belongings from a flood can be a long and difficult process. But of course, you want to get your life back to normal and solve this issue promptly. In order to do that, you need to be be rightfully compensated.

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    Hurricane and Wind Damage

    The sole idea of a hurricane hitting your local area is scary and stressful by default. But when the hurricane damages your property, the entire situation becomes miles more stressful. In certain cases, the damages aren’t too severe, but in others, the liveability of the property is hugely compromised. Let us help you solve this issue!

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    Hail Damage

    Unfortunately, natural disasters happen. Having to deal with the aftermath of a hail storm can leave you speechless, wondering: “What the hail?” On top of hailstones significantly damaging your property, hail damage claims can add more stress to the situation as they are not always easy to file or settle. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

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    Fire, Smoke and Lighting Damage

    Being a home or business owner is all fun and games until you’re faced with some big challenges that come with that. One of the dangers you probably don’t think about until you’re forced to is fire damage. And we can all agree that having your property damaged by fire is one of the scariest things you can face. Luckily, we’re here to help!

    76 years of combined experience

    Elite Resolutions

    When it comes to insurance claims, you need someone who can navigate the complexities of the process and fight for your rights. That’s where we come in. With decades of combined experience in the industry, our team of public adjusters is dedicated to working tirelessly on your behalf to get you the settlement you deserve – fast! We treat your claim as if it’s our own, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our in-depth knowledge and experience make us the ideal partner for your claims process to help you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

    “If you’re a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, your greatest asset is your mind. Your second greatest asset is Elite Resolutions as your advocate!”

    -Nick Alzate

    Commercial Damage

    Damages to your commercial property can be detrimental to your business and stunt your operations. Because of the business interruption due to property damage, you might suffer a certain loss. We won’t let that happen!

    Residential Damage

    Be it fire, water or any other damage, it can be very frustrating and even affect the livability of your home. That’s why it’s important to file an insurance claim and fix the damages as quickly as possible.

    Claim Processes

    No one expects to face perils, but unfortunately, accidents happen, and sometimes things go sideways. Your property has been damaged, and you’re left rattled, dealing with the aftermath.

    Why do I need my own adjuster?

    • Get a 500x higher settlement
    • Receive your coverage ASAP
    • Leave the negotiations to the pros
    • Experience a stress-free claims process
    • Restore your property in record time
    • Have a whole team of experts in your corner

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    Our Proven Process

    The Elite Difference

    We represent your best interests and will negotiate for the maximum compensation needed in order to get your damages repaired.
    Our proven way we provide our service or product to our customers. We do it every time and produce the same result in 3 major steps.


    1. Collect Information from the Insured

    In the first step, we interview the insured, inspect the loss, and explain the process. We gather documents and conduct an on-site inspection to assess the extent of the damage. Our experienced team thoroughly inspects the property, noting any damages missed by the insured and documenting them with notes, sketches, and photos.

    2. Get in touch with the Carrier

    In the second step, we submit the request and documentation to the Carrier and schedule an inspection. We present the damages to the FA and work towards an agreement on whether the damage was caused by the covered peril. We timeline expectations, document the inspection details, and notify all concerned parties in writing.


    3. Follow-up and Coverage Determination

    In the final step, we ensure everything runs smoothly and according to schedule. If there’s a risk of missing a deadline, we take appropriate action to address the situation, in accordance with applicable law. In the event you are not properly indemnified, we will move to litigation and take all necessary steps to ensure success.

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    04. Payout

    We aim to make this process as fast and efficient as possible because we are your extension.

    We continue to set the bar for public adjusting with our unmatched knowledge, vast resources, and decades of experience to secure your financial wellbeing after a disaster.


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    Reviews and Testimonials

    Mimi Lawrence
    Mimi Lawrence
    I would recommend Andy from Elite Resolutions Public Adjusters to anyone who wants an honest and quality adjuster that will advocate for you. Andy over-delivered and achieved the best case scenario I could have hoped for. I am truly appreciative of his hard work and dedication and cannot thank him enough. This review is late as hell but charge it to my head and not my heart.
    Minu Settie
    Minu Settie
    Elite resolution was very professional and courteous. They were thorough and kept me updated on every step of the process. I was very pleased with their work. They got me what I needed for my roof. Thank you Elite resolution!
    Cesar Bonilla
    Cesar Bonilla
    Jose Liñan
    Jose Liñan
    I highly recommend Elite Resolutions and Vince Perry for all your claims needs. Their dedication, work ethic, and willingness to think outside the box will prove to be the most valuable when dealing with the insurance industry. Also, their experience and mentality of always having their clients first speak volumes of Vince and the organization he leads.
    Gabe Franker
    Gabe Franker
    As a Public Insurance Adjuster I have worked together with several of their team members on more than one occasion and have found them to be more than capable in our shared goal of helping the policyholder to recover from a catastrophic loss
    Miguel Saenz
    Miguel Saenz
    Very knowledgeable people and company and they are great at explaining the proper steps needed to take when dealing with an insurance claim. Would highly recommend
    Suleidy Sanchez
    Suleidy Sanchez
    I recommend it 100%. I had a water damage in my kitchen and Thanks Vince and all the staff for an excellent job with my claim. They were able to settle the payment 5x more than the insurance offer us first. Amazing!!
    Tammy Guidry
    Tammy Guidry
    Vince's process is tried and true. My friend actually recommended me his company when I was dealing with water damage. Elite Resolutions is very attentive and I trust in them to help me with any future claims and have been recommending them to any of my friends and family in Florida and Texas.
    Lidia Gonzalez
    Lidia Gonzalez
    Súper agradecida por haber trabajando con esa compañía, la recomiendo son los mejores en su trabajo. Muy satisfecha
    Big Guy
    Big Guy
    Andy was remarkable!! My family is much better off now that Andy fought the insurance company and got us the THOUSANDS of dollars that was owed to us. Thank you Andy!!!

    What Our Clients Say

    Theresa Nguyen
    Elite Resolutions Client

    Santiago Casal
    Elite Resolutions Client

    Samuel Tapia
    Elite Resolutions Client

    Case Studies

    All public adjusters claim to be on your side in the fight for your insurance coverage, but Elite Resolutions has the data to back that up. Just take a look at our clients’ case studies and see how you can benefit from working with us! We can help you receive a 500x higher settlement or go from a denied claim to a maximum coverage.


    A public adjuster is a licensed insurance adjuster that represents the policyholder (the homeowner, building owner, etc.) in an insurance claim process. A public adjuster is not the same as a company adjuster or an independent adjuster.

    • A public adjuster works on behalf of the public that hired them in a claims process.
    • A company adjuster is a salaried employee of an insurance company that represents the company that pays them.
    • An independent adjuster is an independent contractor (hence the term) that is hired by an insurance company to gather data for the company adjuster.

    So, public adjusters work for the public, while both company and independent adjusters work for insurance companies.

    Every insurance policy contains provisions that you need to abide by – like immediately documenting the loss, submitting the claim, providing an estimate to the insurance company, following up with the insurance company, etc. There is a high likelihood that you don’t know or have forgotten about these provisions.

    A public adjuster takes care of all of these things for you, including gathering the necessary documentation, presenting the claim properly and in a timely manner, following up with the company, and ultimately guides you through the claims process. On top of those services, a public adjuster will most often get you more money because of their experience.

    The difference is simple – a public adjuster is a licensed, trained, and experienced professional that specializes in insurance claims. They are experts in reading policies and negotiating with insurance companies.

    You can file an insurance claim yourself, but the outcome will depend on your ability to do the job of a public adjuster. About 99% of the time, by hiring a public adjuster, you will end up with 50% to 500% more.

    No, it is not the same to hire a public adjuster vs. a roofer or contractor to help with your claim. The basic difference is in what public adjusters are licensed to do. Only two categories of people are legally allowed to negotiate claims, talk about the policy, deadlines, statutes, and handle all the other facets of an insurance claim process – public adjusters and attorneys.

    A contractor or a roofer is limited only to the estimate. A contractor or roofer cannot deal with coverage or additional living expenses, they cannot file disputes, etc. A contractor or roofer cannot help you if you are having trouble even contacting the insurance company and pushing them in the right direction. Hiring a contractor or roofer can be beneficial and is often advisable, but they are limited only to the estimate.

    Public adjusters and attorneys have similar legal authorization regarding insurance claims. However, the difference is in their role in the process. You can consider public adjusters the first line of defense. They are there from the beginning, documenting the claim, putting the estimate together, presenting the claim, following up, and generally being with you through the entire process.

    If a public adjuster is unable to get an insurance company to pay the claim, then there are times to use an attorney, as many public adjusters will do. Yet, the main practical difference between a public adjuster and an attorney is the length of time it takes to settle a claim – if it gets to litigations, with attorneys the process can last between a year and two; with a public adjuster, the process to settle a claim takes between 1 to 4 months.

    The cost of hiring a public adjuster differs from state to state. Some states have limitations while others do not. More importantly, public adjusters are usually not paid a flat fee but work on contingency.

    For example, the fee to hire a public adjuster in Florida is up to 20% of the claim. If a natural disaster happens, the fee is limited to 10%. In Texas, the fee is 10% of the entire value of the claim. This also means that public adjusters are financially motivated to get you as much money as possible and expediently complete the claims process.

    A claim represented by a public adjuster usually takes between 1 to 3 or 4 months to settle. Insurance companies have a set amount of time to investigate a claim, typically 90 days. The public adjuster’s role is to expedite the process. If a public adjuster cannot settle your claim within that time period, then the assistance of an attorney may be required.

    You can find your policy/claim number for your insurance on the Declarations Page, which is usually the first page of your insurance policy. The Declarations Page also contains the policy period, agent’s information, mortgage company information, and coverage limits, along with your deductibles.

    The public adjuster needs:

    1. A full copy of your policy;
    2. The Declarations Page (if you are unable to provide a full copy of your insurance policy);
    3. Any invoices or receipts of repairs done that are related to the loss;
    4. Any photos or videos that you have that prove the event took place.

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