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Proud to Serve Hillsborough and surrounding counties, including the following cities: Riverside, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Bayside, Cairo, Middletown, Baywood, Oakridge, Lyons, Belmont


Water Damage

One of the things that makes pipe or roof leaks so frustrating is that they harm your property and compel you to handle the fixes. Something that arises in these scenarios is the issue of submitting a claim for water damage and getting compensation for the damages. But don’t worry to worry about that – we’re here to aid!

Flood Damage

One’s property getting damaged by a flood has has to be one of life’s most trying challenges. Retrieving your property and belongings from a flood can be a lengthy and arduous process. But naturally, you desire to get your life back to its normal state and address this problem swiftly. In order to do that, you need to be justly compensated.

Hurricane and Wind Damage

Merely the idea of a storm striking your local area is frightening and anxiety-inducing by default. But when the hurricane harms your property, the whole situation becomes significantly more stressful. In certain cases, the damages aren’t too serious, but in others, the usability of the property is significantly compromised. Allow us assist you address this issue!

Hail Damage

Unfortunately, natural disasters happen. Having to deal with the aftermath of a hail storm can leave you speechless, wondering: “What the hail?” On top of hailstones significantly damaging your property, hail damage claims can add more stress to the situation as they are not always easy to file or settle. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Fire, Smoke and Lighting Damage

Being a home or business owner is all fun and games until you’re faced with some big challenges that come with that. One of the dangers you probably don’t think about until you’re forced to is fire damage. And we can all agree that having your property damaged by fire is one of the scariest things you can face. Luckily, we’re here to help!

76 years of combined experience

Elite Resolutions

When it comes to insurance claims, you need someone who can navigate the intricacies of the process and advocate for your rights. That’s where our team comes in. With a wealth of combined experience in the industry, our team of public adjusters is dedicated to working on your behalf to get you the payout you deserve – quickly! We manage your claim as if it’s our own, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our extensive knowledge and experience make us the ideal partner for your claims process to assist you achieve the compensation you’re entitled to.

“If you’re a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, your greatest asset is your mind. Your second greatest asset is Elite Resolutions as your advocate!”

Vince Perri

Our Proven Process

The Elite Difference

We represent your best interests and will negotiate for the maximum compensation needed in order to get your damages repaired.
Our proven way we provide our service or product to our customers. We do it every time and produce the same result in 3 major steps.

1. Collect Information from the Insured

In the opening step, we meet with you, examine the loss, and explain the process. We collect documentation and perform an on-site inspection to evaluate the extent of the damage. Our experienced team thoroughly inspects your property, spotting any damages missed and chronicling them with notes, sketches, and photos.

2. Get in touch with the Carrier

In the following step, we forward the claim and documentation to the Carrier and set up an inspection. We display the damages to the Adjuster and work towards an understanding on whether the damage was brought about by the covered peril. We timeline expectations, record the inspection details, and alert all concerned parties in writing.

3. Follow-up and Coverage Determination

In the next step, we make sure everything runs without a hitch and in accordance with schedule. If there’s a possibility of missing a deadline, we take appropriate action to address the situation, in accordance with applicable law. In the event you are not properly indemnified, we will move to litigation and take all necessary steps to ensure success.

4. Payout

We endeavor to make this process as quick and streamlined as possible because we are your representative. We strive to set the bar for public adjusting with our unmatched knowledge, vast resources, and wealth of experience to secure your financial stability after a disaster.


We are professional public adjuster who represent your interest settling your property damage insurance claims

Roof Damage


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HVAC Damage


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Hurricane Damage


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Reviews and Testimonials

Proud to Serve Hillsborough and surrounding counties, including the following cities: Riverside, Dorchester, Hyde Park, Bayside, Cairo, Middletown, Baywood, Oakridge, Lyons, Belmont

Ivan Galvez
Ivan Galvez
I can't express enough how grateful I am for the exceptional service provided by Elite Resolutions. They came to my rescue when I had roofing issues and made the entire process incredibly smooth. From the moment I contacted them, their team displayed professionalism and expertise. They diligently assessed the damage, navigated the complex insurance process on my behalf, and ensured that I received the compensation I deserved. What sets Elite Resolutions apart is their commitment to their clients. They genuinely care about your well-being and go above and beyond to ensure you're taken care of. They kept me informed every step of the way, making sure I understood the progress and the options available. Thanks to Elite Resolutions, my roof is now in perfect condition, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. If you ever find yourself in need of expert public adjusting services, I wholeheartedly recommend Elite Resolutions. They are a trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated team that will have your back. Thank you, Elite Resolutions, for your outstanding support and help!
Tommy Pizza
Tommy Pizza
We were hit pretty hard by hurricane Ian last year with little to no concern from our insurance company. After months of getting nowhere, we decided to call a public adjuster and by chance found Adrian Diaz at Elite. His calm professional demeanor put us at ease immediately and in no time we were on our way to getting the settlement we desperately needed. We were extremely happy with the way Adrian was able to not only navigate through the insurance company's tactics, but also to work with us in a patient and understanding manner. Ultimately Adrian and his staff were instrumental in getting more than triple what we were initially offered by our insurance company. Thank you Adrian for all your diligence and hard work! Neo and Chris.
Donna McGee
Donna McGee
We hired Adrian from Elite due to hurricane damage to our roof. He negotiated with our insurance company and we received fair compensation to pay for a new roof and interior painting. He was very thorough and professional. He guided us through the entire process and was always available for questions. Well worth their fee.
Steve Defrance
Steve Defrance
We were totally frustrated with our insurance company. We received less than one third of the cost of damages from hurricane Ian and getting nowhere fast with LOTS of calls. After contacting Elite Resolutions, Adrian came out, met with us and then pursued a better adjustment from the insurance company. After meeting with the company adjuster, Adrian was able to gain an additional one third of the total damages. Unfortunately, we obviously had poor insurance coverage, but we really appreciated Adrian's handling of our claim. Now that two thirds of cost to repair our place is in hand, we can come up with the rest of the money and get the work completed. Thanks, Adrian
Pavel Gord
Pavel Gord
It was great working with Nick and his team! They worked with my insurance company to get me the money for the damage after Ian.
L Maraj
L Maraj
Very happy with elite , I am glad I was referred to them after being stonewalled by my insuance company for hurricane damages vince stepped in , Gina my adjuster was fantastic and I am finally getting ny roof done… it would not happen without elite I highly reccomend.
Mimi Lawrence
Mimi Lawrence
I would recommend Andy from Elite Resolutions Public Adjusters to anyone who wants an honest and quality adjuster that will advocate for you. Andy over-delivered and achieved the best case scenario I could have hoped for. I am truly appreciative of his hard work and dedication and cannot thank him enough. This review is late as hell but charge it to my head and not my heart.
Minu Settie
Minu Settie
Elite resolution was very professional and courteous. They were thorough and kept me updated on every step of the process. I was very pleased with their work. They got me what I needed for my roof. Thank you Elite resolution!
Cesar Bonilla
Cesar Bonilla
Jose Liñan
Jose Liñan
I highly recommend Elite Resolutions and Vince Perry for all your claims needs. Their dedication, work ethic, and willingness to think outside the box will prove to be the most valuable when dealing with the insurance industry. Also, their experience and mentality of always having their clients first speak volumes of Vince and the organization he leads.

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Why do I need my own adjuster?

  • Get a 500x higher settlement
  • Receive your coverage ASAP
  • Leave the negotiations to the pros
  • Experience a stress-free claims process
  • Restore your property in record time
  • Have a whole team of experts in your corner

Case Studies

Numerous public adjusters profess to be on your side in the struggle against the insurance company, but Elite Resolutions has the statistics to back that up. Just take a peek at our clients’ case studies and observe how you can benefit from partnering with us! We can assist you secure a substantially higher settlement or transition from a denied claim to the highest coverage.


1. What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a licensed insurance adjuster that represents the policyholder (the homeowner, building owner, etc.) in an insurance claim process. A public adjuster is not the same as a company adjuster or an independent adjuster.

2. What is the difference between a public, company, and independent adjuster?

3. How can a public adjuster help me?

4. What is the difference between submitting a claim myself and hiring a public adjuster?

5. Is it the same to hire a PA vs. getting a roofer or contractor to help with my claim?

6. What is the difference between hiring an attorney and a PA?

7. How much will it cost to hire a public adjuster?

8. How long does a claim represented by a public adjuster usually take?

9. Where can I find my policy/claim number?

10. What items should I provide to my PA in order to make my insurance claim go smoothly?

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