Jim McBarron

Jim McBarron

Public Insurance Adjuster

Jim, a native of Harris County, TX graduated with a Degree in Aerospace and has over 20 years of experience managing people, departments, and high-risk projects with budgets over $5M. He is an FAA licensed commercial pilot with an instrument rating and is a certified flight instructor.

He became a Public Adjuster after witnessing his late brother help people by making insurance companies pay his clients what they were owed in Texas after the big freeze of 2021. Jim is very passionate about taking care of his clients and holding insurance companies accountable.

Jim likes to cruise and visit different countries. When he’s not working or traveling, he loves to spend time socializing with family, friends while boating, or working in his yard and taking care of his pool.

jim@eliteresolutions.com /  302-900-1065 /  TX Lic# 2882305

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