Mariana Sofia Llaguno Sesma

Mariana Sofia Llaguno Sesma

Claims Coordinator | San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Mariana Sofia Llaguno Sesma is a dynamic and dedicated Administrative Claims Coordinator at Elite Resolutions, a leading public adjusting firm that specializes in ensuring clients nationwide receive the insurance claims support they need. With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and an extensive background that spans across executive assistance, event planning, and even entrepreneurship, Mariana brings a unique blend of skills to our team.

Mariana’s journey in the professional world began in 2007, showcasing her versatility and leadership through various roles that honed her expertise in communication, multitasking, and problem-solving. Notably, her tenure at Elite Resolutions has been marked by exceptional performance in handling sensitive information, supporting customer service, and managing executive tasks with utmost confidentiality and efficiency. Her bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish further enhances our firm’s ability to serve a diverse clientele.

Beyond her professional acumen, Mariana’s entrepreneurial spirit, demonstrated through the founding and managing of her own fashion brand, reflects her capability to assess new technologies, negotiate with partners, and drive marketing strategies. This experience underscores her adaptability and forward-thinking approach, qualities that are invaluable to navigating the complexities of insurance claims and supporting our clients effectively.

At Elite Resolutions, Mariana is more than an Administrative Claims Coordinator; she is a vital part of our mission to advocate for our clients’ needs. Her dedication to excellence, combined with her comprehensive skill set, makes Mariana an indispensable asset to our team and the clients we serve. /  (941) 724-8070

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