How To File Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

If you’ve experienced smoke damage to your property, you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do next. But good news: filing smoke damage claims can help cover the costs of repairs and restoration. 

But we know that filing smoke damage insurance claims is intimidating for many people. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to walk you through the steps needed to make your claim a success. From documenting the damages to negotiating with the insurance company, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. So, let’s get started!

What Is Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is when smoke and soot destroy surfaces in your building, leaving them stained and discolored. Not only that, but the acidic chemicals found in smoke can also damage the contents and structure of your place. Yikes! Not to mention that smoke odors can stick around for quite some time. 

It can take several days for smoke damage to become apparent, so it’s vital to act fast and recognize it quickly. That way, you can file an insurance claim and get the compensation you deserve.

The Different Types of Smoke Damage

When it comes to smoke damage, there are several types you should be aware of. Each type requires different cleaning methods and can have varying degrees of impact on your property. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Wet smoke damage is caused by low-heat fires that burn slowly and create thick, oily smoke. Wet smoke can be challenging to clean and can leave behind a strong, lingering odor.
  • Dry smoke damage results from high-heat fires that burn quickly and create a powdery residue. This type of smoke can be easier to clean but can still cause significant damage to your property.
  • Protein smoke damage is created when food or other organic materials are burned. It produces a strong odor and can also be difficult to clean.
  • Fuel oil smoke damage is caused by an oil furnace malfunctioning and releasing smoke into the home. Cleaning this type of damage may require help from a professional cleaner.

Whether you’re dealing with residential or commercial property damage, understanding the type of smoke damage you’re faced with is a good start when filing an insurance claim. 

smoke stained garage wall

Filing a Smoke Damage Claim: Step-by-Step

Inspect the Damages and Document Evidence

Before you file a smoke damage insurance claim, take our advice and thoroughly inspect your property to document the damages. Grab your phone and snap pictures or take videos of the affected areas. Also, make a list of all the damaged items. This way, you’ll have concrete evidence to support your claim when you file it with your insurance provider. Remember, detailed documentation can make all the difference in getting the compensation you deserve.

Hire the Pros to Clean Up the Area

Dealing with smoke damage insurance claims can be daunting, and it’s important to keep in mind that it can also be hazardous to your health. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to leave the removal of smoke damage to the professionals with the expertise, equipment, and protective gear to do the job safely and efficiently. 

By hiring a professional smoke damage removal company, you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll thoroughly remove all traces of smoke residue, deodorize the space, and inspect for any hidden damage that could potentially cause more problems down the line.

Check Your Insurance Policy

Next up, take a look at your insurance policy to see what it covers. Keep in mind that some policies may not cover smoke damage caused by certain sources like wildfires or cigarettes. However, your basic homeowners insurance policy should cover fire and smoke damage.

By understanding what’s covered, you’ll have a better idea of how much you can expect to receive from your insurance company. Plus, it brings you some comfort knowing exactly what your policy covers.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After you’ve taken photos and videos of the damages and reviewed your insurance policy, it’s finally time to contact your insurance carrier and file a claim for smoke damage. Be sure to provide them with a detailed description of the damages, including the date of the incident and any supporting documentation you have. 

Once you’ve made your smoke claim, your insurance company will send an independent adjuster to assess the damages and determine the amount of coverage you’re eligible for. But there is something to keep in mind. Independent adjusters hired by your insurer might be incentivized to offer a lower settlement as insurance companies often try to lowball clients. So, be sure you know your worth, and don’t be afraid to negotiate. 

Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster

If the settlement offered by your insurance company doesn’t seem fair, don’t worry – not all is lost. You can still hire a public adjuster to help you out. 

Insurance adjusters will help you navigate the claims process, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and work to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. It’s important to remember that you have rights as a policyholder, and a public adjuster can help you exercise those rights to get the best outcome for your smoke damage insurance claim. You don’t need to go through this process alone! 

Get Help With Your Smoke Damage Insurance Claims – Hire Public Adjusters

Do you still find the claim filing process overwhelming and daunting? Don’t panic, Elite Resolutions is here to help. Our public adjusters are pros with over 14 years of experience and over 1000 settled claims. We work for you, not the insurance company, so our number one aim is securing the coverage that’s rightfully yours! 

Don’t let smoke damage disrupt your business or ruin your home – let us take care of your smoke damage insurance claims. Our experts will inspect your property, assess the damage and handle the entire claim process. We’re here to fight for your compensation – let’s work together!

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