How to Maximize Your Water Damage Claim

Water damage can occur when you least expect it and cause significant financial and emotional stress. From leaky pipes to severe weather, water damage can result in significant damage to your home or property. When disaster strikes, the silver lining is that you may be able to make a claim on your insurance policy to help cover the repair and replacement costs.

But if you’ve never been in this situation before, we understand that it’s overwhelming and stressful, and you don’t know where to start. So, let us help. We’ll explain what you should do when faced with water damage and how to maximize water damage claim. This will help you get the most out of your coverage and restore your property ASAP.

Causes of Water Damage

There’s no universal cause to water damage. It can be a result of various factors and the severity of the damage can also drastically vary. These are the main causes of water damage:

  • Weather-related incidents: Storms, floods, heavy rain, and hurricanes can cause significant water damage to properties. Even a small leak during a storm can lead to substantial damage if left unchecked.
  • Plumbing leaks: Burst pipes, leaky faucets, and other plumbing-related problems can also be the cause of water damage. In some cases, these issues can go unnoticed for a long period of time, leading to mold growth and other related issues.
  • Appliance malfunctions: Malfunctioning washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and water heaters can also lead to water damage if not repaired promptly.
  • Human error: Accidentally leaving a tap running, overflowing a sink or bathtub, and other mistakes can cause water damage. Even small amounts of water left standing can lead to long-term problems.

Steps to Take After Water Damage Occurs

Water damage can be stressful, but taking the right steps immediately after the damage occurs can make all the difference in your insurance claim. But if you want to learn how to maximize water damage claim, the first thing to know is which steps to take after noticing damage. So, what should you do after experiencing water damage? 

  1. Contact your insurance company immediately: Reporting the damage ASAP is key. Certain insurance policier require you to report the damage within 72h of the loss, so you don’t want to waste time and risk gettind your claim denied.
  2. Document the damage: It’s essential to document the damage as soon as possible. Take pictures and videos of the affected area, including any items that were damaged.
  3. Control the damage: The longer the water sits, the more damage it can cause. So, control the damage as much as possible.
  4. Get restoration services: A professional restoration company has the equipment and expertise to properly dry out and restore your property. So, leave it to the pros.

water damaged garage

Maximizing Your Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

Limit the Damage and Prevent Further Damages

Controlling the damage from water is your best bet to maximize your claim. Your first step should be locating and repairing the source of damage or hire a restoration specialist if necessary. Otherwise, the insurer might claim that you failed to intervene and deny your claim. Mitigating the damage can include turning off the water source, removing standing water, and drying out the affected area as much as possible. 

Keep any receipts associated with the cost of water damage restoration services, such as rental equipment or materials used in repairs. These can help increase the amount of money you receive from homeowners insurance. It’s also wise to take note of any services provided by professionals throughout this process. That way, you’ll have proof of their involvement when it comes time to file a water damage claim and negotiate what portion of damages are actually covered by them.

Gather Evidence

It’s a devastating feeling to come home and find your house has water damage. If you have insurance, the next step is to start gathering evidence for your water damage claim. Take pictures and video evidence of any visible signs of damage and take notes about what happened. This can prove that the water damage was not caused by neglect or an act of nature and serve as proof of loss.

Understand Your Insurance Policy Fully

Knowledge is power, so if you’re wondering how to get insurance to pay for water damage, you need to understand what your policy covers and any exclusions or limitations in coverage first. Take time to review your policy documents and ask questions until you have a full understanding of all the details.

One key thing to understand is the difference between flood damage and water damage. While water damage is usually covered by the majority of homeowner insurance policies, flood damage isn’t covered by your standard homeowners insurance policy. But do you have the National Flood Insurance Policy? In that case, you are protected in case of flood damages, as well.


Don’t Be Scared to Negotiate

A lot of the time, insurance companies offer an initial settlement that is far lower than what you are entitled to. And if this is your first time dealing with this process, it’s easy to let them lowball you. But you shouldn’t.

So, don’t be afraid to negotiate with your insurance adjuster to get a fair settlement. When you understand your insurance policy and the scope of the damages, you’ll have a better idea of the amount of coverage you’re entitled to. But you don’t have to do it alone – you can hire a public adjuster to help you negotiate a better settlement.

water damaged roof

Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster can be invaluable in helping to navigate the complex terrain of home insurance claims. What is a public adjuster? They are licensed professionals who work on behalf of policyholders to represent them during their insurance claim process. They have an intimate knowledge of state and federal coverage laws and regulations, as well as experience negotiating with insurers.

Public adjusters will also look out for any discrepancies between what’s stated in the policy versus what was actually offered by the insurer when it comes time to settle the claim. By having a professional working on your side throughout the entire claims process, you’ll increase the likelihood of receiving a favorable outcome from your insurance company.

Work With Our Adjusters and Get the Coverage You’re Owed

The entire process of filing a water damage claim can be a difficult and long one. But you don’t have to go through it alone – Elite Resolutions has got your back! Our public adjusters have over 14 years of experience, and they know the claim-filing process like the back of their hands. We have experience dealing with insurance companies that try to lowball clients, and we won’t let that happen. 

We’re here to conduct a property inspection, provide an unbiased assessment, gather evidence, and file the claim with all the necessary documentation. We will negotiate with your insurer and fight for you to get the exact recovery amount you deserve. So, stop worrying about how to maximize water damage claim – get in touch and we’ll do it for you!

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