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How Much You Can Get in an Insurance Claim

Has your residential or commercial property been struck by damage? In that case, it’s vital to react quickly and file your insurance claim to get the coverage you’re owed and restore your property. We know what you’re thinking – that can be easier said than done. Even the very first thing when filing a claim – estimating the coverage you deserve – can be tricky. So, let us help!

Elite Resolutions is here to provide you with an insurance claim estimate in order to make claim filing easier. Based on the damages at hand, we know exactly how much you’re entitled to and what you’re insurance company owes you. So, get our insurance estimate and request the coverage that’s rightfully yours!

How It Works

Elite Resolutions is a public adjusting company that’s been in the industry for over 14 years. We’ve seen the ins and outs of the business, so we know exactly how much your insurance claim is worth. That’s why we want to help – you shouldn’t get lowballed by your insurer.

Instead of appraising the damage on your own and risking that you’ll underestimate it, you should let the pros do it. It’s simple! All you need to do is fill out our form and upload your documents – we’ll do the rest.

Submit photos, PDF files and any other documents showing your property damages. Based on the evidence you provide us with, our team will estimate the value of your damages. We’ll email you our damage estimate which will help you file your insurance claim and request the right coverage amount.

Types of Property Damage We Specialize in

No matter the type of damage you’re experiencing on your property, Elite Resolutions is here to help. Our public adjusters have years of experience and specialize in the following damages:

So, we’ll estimate your property damage value whatever you’re dealing with.
You can count on us.

How Will Insurance Claims Estimates Help You?

Filing for an insurance claim is complex and stressful as is. The added pressure of making sure you’re not settling for less is definitely not something you need. That’s why getting an insurance claim estimate will drastically help. Here are just a few benefits of getting damage estimates:

  • Save time. Figuring out the coverage amount you deserve to get from your insurance company can take some time when you don’t have experience in this field. So, leaving the estimation in the hands of the pros is a sure way to save valuable time and energy.
  • Know your worth. When you’re not versed in property damages and insurance claims, it’s hard to know what your claim is worth. But public adjusters will help you realze what your insurance company actually owes you.
  • Get the maximum coverage. Once the pros give you a damage estimate, you can be sure that you’re asking your insurer for the maximum coverage possible and not selling yourself short.
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Contact Us Today and Get Your Estimate

So, don’t risk underestimating your property damage – let Elite Resolutions get the job done. We’ll estimate your damage value to make sure you’re asking for the coverage that you’re entitled to. No more getting lowballed or tricked by insurance companies!

And if you need any more help with your insurance claims, you can count on us. Our public adjusters can handle the entire claim filing process to make sure you’re getting the compensation you deserve.

So, don’t wait – get in touch with us and let us help!