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Most Common General Questions

New Claim Onboarding

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is an insurance adjuster licensed by the state to represent, advise and assist a policyholder with an insurance claim. Very different from an independent adjuster who is a third-party contractor that represents the insurance company. Our only interest is to ensure that the policyholder is awarded the money they need to put their property back together while an independent adjuster or an insurance adjuster must stick to the guidelines of the insurance company.

How can a public adjuster help me?

What is the difference between filing a claim myself vs. hiring a public adjuster?

Is it the same to hire a public adjuster vs. getting a roofer or contractor to help with my claim?

What is the difference between hiring an attorney and hiring a public adjuster?

How much will it cost to hire a public adjuster?

How long does a claim represented by a public adjuster usually take?

I don’t know my policy or claim number for my insurance claim?

What items should I provide to my public adjuster in order to make my insurance claim go as smoothly as possible?

What is a date of loss for a property insurance claim?

I don’t have my insurance policy. What should I do?

Why do you need my mortgage information in order to file my claim?

What should I expect throughout the life of the claim if I have a public adjuster representing me?

My insurance company went out of business. Can I still file a property insurance claim with a public adjuster?

How long do I have to submit a property insurance claim?

Will I have enough money for repairs if I hire a public adjuster?

Why do I need Public Adjuster?

Insurance company already has an adjuster, why would I need to hire my own public adjuster?

A Contractor said he can file the claim and get it paid by himself. Why would I need to hire another expert like a public adjuster?

Why would I hire a public adjuster and instead just go straight to an attorney?

Why do I need to notarize the proof of loss (POL)?

Letter of Representation Questions

What is the difference between emergency and non-emergency claims?

An emergency claim is when the state declares a state of emergency, typically during a hurricane event. Non-emergency claims are any claims that happen when there is no active state of emergency.  The rules and limitations of a claim change when it is an emergency claim. That’s why it’s so important to know whether you have an emergency claim versus a non-emergency claim.

How long do I have to cancel the contract?

Are there any fees involved that I will be expected to pay other than the Public Adjuster Fees if I am represented by a public adjuster?

Do I have to pay anything to my public adjuster if they represent me and the insurance company denies my claim?

What is the $1,500 fee for mentioned in your public adjuster letter of representation?

Why does the contract say two different percentages on the letter of representation for Florida?

Common Questions After Hiring Us

Do I have to do anything throughout the insurance claim when I hire a public adjuster?

The only thing we request is that you be available by phone or email in case we need you to provide us documents or get paperwork notarized. We do request that you also make your home available for inspections and appointments with the insurance company and contractors when necessary. We handle your claim directly with your insurance so that you don’t have to.

Who should I contact if I get calls or any communication from the insurance company?

Who will be reaching out to the insurance company regarding my claim when I am represented by a public adjuster?

Who will file the claim if I am represented by a public adjuster?

I haven’t received an update, are you working on my claim?

Why are you emailing me questions about my claim? (when they are CC’ed on an email directed to the carrier)

Why is another adjuster from Elite Resolutions emailing my insurance regarding my claim and not the initial adjuster I signed up with?

Inspection Scheduling

Do I need to be present at the inspection when I have a public adjuster?

As long as we have access and consent from you to do the inspection on your behalf without you present, then we can do the inspection on our own.

Who is doing the inspection?

I will not be available. Can (relative) be present instead?

Can we reschedule the inspection?

We already had an inspection. Is this a second one or was it scheduled by mistake?

Why are there so many inspections?

Questions Throughout Claim

My insurance company reached out to me regarding my claim. What do I do?

Reach out to your public adjuster or to our office so we can handle all communications. Our job is to represent you, use us.

Why is it not recommended for me to communicate with my insurance company?

Why is the process taking so long throughout the claim?

How can I get updates on my claim?

I want to sell my house, can I do that while I’m still waiting for my claim to close?

I want to cancel my insurance and switch to another one during an insurance claim, can I do that?

How often is my claim worked on?

If need to reach you, how do I do that?

Can you give me an update on my claim?

More damaged occurred to my home after we filed the insurance claim, what do I do?

Estimate Questions

Why is the estimate so much?

Our estimate is based on an industry accepted software called Xactimate.  the way the software works is we submit all measurements and guidelines to the software and the software comes up with the price per unit depending on your area and damage. We can’t control the price as it is built into the software, the only thing we can control is the scope, or line items, that we put into the software. If you believe a specific line item shouldn’t be in the estimate we will explain to  you the importance of having that line item in the estimate. If you believe a line item is wrong, we can fix it. In layman’s terms, the price is what it is. We add what we believe you need in order to put your property back together.

Why is there a big difference between your estimate and the insurance company’s?

Why do you only give 48 hours to review the estimate before sending it to the insurance company?

Who makes the insurance claim estimates when I have a public adjuster?

How is the amount determined on my insurance claim estimate prepared by my public adjuster?

Can we adjust the estimate after it has been sent to the insurance company?

Something is missing/wrong in the estimate. What should I do?

What is a Sworn Proof of Loss that the insurance company is requesting from me?

How and where do I sign a Sworn Proof of Loss?

How can I send you back the Sworn Proof of Loss?

Where can I get the Sworn Proof of Loss notarized?

Claim Was Denied or Approved For Repair Only

I feel entitled to more money, what can I do to be reimbursed for my loss?

If you haven’t already, please speak to a public adjuster or our team for a consultation on what are the next steps of your insurance claim process. If we are already representing you, we will guide you based on what has happened in your claim. There are multiple options depending on your needs and what is the result that we are trying to achieve.

I got denied, what now?

I don’t want to do the repairs the insurance company is offering to do, what now?

I just received a notice of intent to litigate confirmation to my email. What does that mean?

Who pays for litigation/ attorney costs?

What are my options after getting denied/underpaid?

Why do I have to contact the attorney first, why can’t they call me?

Claim Was Approved

I disagree with the insurance payment my insurance sent me due to my claim, what now?

Speak to your public adjuster on what are the next steps in order to come to an agreement with the insurance company. There are several alternative dispute resolution options offered in the insurance policy that we can proceed with to get your claim settled for the right amount.

What is depreciation and why is the insurance company withholding it?

Who do I pay my deductible to?

What is an Appraisal?

What is Mediation?

What is the difference between mediation and appraisal?

When can I start repairs?

What is a release?

Payment Questions

I just received a check from my insurance company. What do I do?

Sometimes your insurance company will send checks directly to you, please be sure to notify your public adjuster or our office for the next steps. Regardless of how you choose to process your check, Elite Resolutions will need to endorse the insurance check before the funds can be disbursed.

I received a check from my insurance company before hiring you. Do I have to pay you on previous payments?

I do not want to accept a check when the payment is low (in regards to undisputed checks).

Do I pay your fee based on this check or at the end when all the checks come in?

Why do my checks get sent to your office?

Why do I need to mail the fee before you send my insurance check?

Is this my only payment or will there be more?

Why is my mortgage company on my check?

When will I get money from my insurance company?

How do I get my check endorsed by my mortgage company?

iinkpay Questions

What is iink Payments?

iink Payments is a 3rd party company that collects all endorsements needed in order for your insurance check to be disbursed. If you have a mortgage listed on your insurance check, they also handle the requests from your mortgage in order for your mortgage to endorse and the insurance funds to disburse. For more information directly from iink, please check out their website here: and here

Is there a fee for using iink Payments?

Why does iinkpay want my banking information?

Is it safe to use iinkpay?

Do we have another option besides iink Payments?

Why does it take a long time to deposit after I endorse the check on iinkpay?

Can I deposit the check after I receive it back from my mortgage when I’m using the iinkpay process?

Can I cancel the process of iinkpay once it’s started?

What is iink Payments and why should I use it?

What should I keep in mind if I choose to use iink Payments?

Why can’t I use iink Payments for my insurance check over $40,000?

Is iink Payments faster in processing my check?

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