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Learn More about an Insurance Claims Umpire Process

What is a Property Insurance Umpire?

A property insurance umpire is an independent expert who is chosen by appraisers, judges or attorneys to make a final decision in regards to the amount of property loss.

What is the Umpire Process?

When two appraisers are appointed they will have to choose an independent and competent umpire, which is basically a third party that will act as an arbiter in the process. If the appraisers cannot choose an umpire the court can appoint one in their stead.

Once the umpire has been selected the appraisers will negotiate and if they cannot settle the matter the umpire will step in and help resolve the dispute.

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What is the SOU document?

SOU – Selection of Umpire – sample document sent by the opposing appraiser with both appraiser names and umpire name. Both appraisers must sign and date this umpire agreement before proceeding with the appraisal inspection

Once the appraisal process has been demanded by either the policyholder or the insurance company, a public adjuster will have a lot of work to do. This is especially true since an experienced adjuster can also act as an appointed appraiser by the policyholder, with a separate contract, of course.

Why does someone choose the Appraisal Process?

Appraisal process is an alternative to lawsuits when business owners or homeowners and insurance companies cannot agree on the loss value, actual cash amount, costs of repair etc.

How to choose an ideal Umpire?

Great umpire is a trustworthy experienced professional who has integrity and is competent at the same time. In case you need an Umpire who will render a timely and impartial decision and make sure that policyholder gets what he really deserves.

public adjuster tampa

Ruben Delgado


After 15 years working as a Maintenance Mechanic, I decided to make a change and started working with estimates for a Public Adjuster firm.

In February 2021 I obtained my Florida All Lines Adjuster License so I could help directly to the customer.

My mission is to be able to help each client in their losses and to get the right amount on each claim. I am very perfectionist in everything I do, and I love it.

I like baseball, mountain bike, but what I like the most is spend time with my son and my wife.


(407) 719-4233

Aaron elite resolutions public adjuster

Aaron Green


Aaron has over 12 years of experience as an independent adjuster representing insurance companies in both residential and commercial claims.

He is now using his experience as an independent adjuster to represent homeowners and business owners during the claims process.  

He will use his expertise and insider knowledge of the insurance industry to ensure every claim he works receives a fair settlement and is treated as a priority by the insurance company. 


(832) 284 – 5896

joe public adjuster texas elite resolutions

Joe Oberlender


Hi there! I’m Joe Oberlender and I’m obsessed with all things that involve improving the lives of my family and clients. Texas born and Alaskan raised; Top interests include, snowboarding, hockey, fishing, climbing, mountain biking, and whatever else my amazing wife and three boys can come up with to do together.

Since 2013,I have been owner of a Florida State Certified Residential General Contracting company. Where I’ve focused my time on quality and empathy for clients while restoring homes on insurance projects. While in industry my biggest accomplishment has been growing a good network of people and continued education, which in turn, helps everyone in an ever-evolving way.

Since February of 2021, I have my Florida All Lines Adjusters License. With this license, connecting with the right teams of professionals. I hope to help many more home and business owners through the treacherous world of the claims process with their best interests in mind.


(321)  213-8074

Milan Kostic


Milan started his Marketing career in an SEO agency after that he spent some time as a digital account manager for large corporate clients in the Balkan region.

After he founds out that he wasn’t born for
a 9-to-5 grind lifestyle, Milan quit his job, started working as a freelancer and moved to Vietnam.

After a while Milan met Vince on UpWork and they began to expand Commercial Commercial Claims Advocate to the level on which it is now. Now the beautiful story continues with Elite Resolutions. 


(813) 867-2420

Nicolas Alzate public adjuster elite resolutions

Nick Alzate


Nicolas graduated with an Engineering degree and has over 8+ years of experience in the construction industry. 

He transitioned to the claims handling industry to fight many injustices he witnessed throughout New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. He is very passionate about making insurance companies keep their promises.

Nicolas loves to travel and experience different cultures. He even used to be an amateur boxer. Books are an important part of his life. Philosophy especially.

When we talk about life goals, Nico would love to have a nonprofit internship/mentorship placement and personal financing for underprivileged youths.


(941) 307-4976

public adjuster marketing

Nemanja Milivojevic


Nemanja got into Marketing as an organizer and promoter of parties and small music festivals in Serbia. Until recently he was advertising manager in HomePage agency. His responsibility was digital campaigns for big corporations like Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, British Council, Nike, etc for the Balkan region. 

Dj-ing is his passion, so occasionally he plays music at various Techno parties. More than anything else he loves his girlfriend and his dog Joker (By NBA MVP Nikola Jokic). His favorite sports player is, of course, Novak Djokovic. 

Nemanja is responsible for all of the Elite Resolutions content and advertising.


(813) 867-2420

tammy elite resolutions public adjuster

Tammy Guidry


Tammy graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.

She has lived in Japan for 3 years but has now moved back stateside. She hopes to one day move back overseas to travel and experience different cultures.

When Tammy isn’t working, she is binging TV shows with her cat and 2 bunnies.


(423) 712 – 1261

public adjuster Miami

Andy Orozco


Andy has over 2+ years of experience in handling claims, backed by a team with over 13 years’ hands-on experience;

He also barely survived Hurricane Andrew as a young child, which destroyed his home but provided him the compassion and the fuel to his drive for his client’s success. 

With firsthand knowledge personally and professionally, he specializes in residential and commercial claims of all sizes.  Rest assured Andy and his team will handle your claim with the care and diligence required should your property suffer any damage.  


(786) 307-1233

vince perri commercial claims advocate

Vince Perri


Vince has over 13+ years of experience in handling claims. He also has the largest public adjuster community on YouTube that comes to Vince for guidance and advice!

He mentors and educates public adjusters across the country, all while specializing in large residential and commercial insurance claims – in Florida, Texas, and California.

He and his team will take care of your property or properties of your clients in case that any damage occurs.


(813) 438-4551